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°1994, Belgium



Jonathan De Maeyer works and lives in Ghent. He holds a master's degree in Visual Arts - Photography from LUCA School Of Arts Ghent and works on autonomous projects as well as projects in collaboration with artists and musicians. He tries to understand his surroundings through his photographic work, films and texts. He works on a multidisciplinary image archive that forms the basis for associatively composed series and installations. Often his work deals with the interpretation of a place and the different perceptions of landscape. The boundaries of perception seem to be determined by figures of speech and certain successful interpretations. In his work he tries to reinterpret landscape and give the viewer access to an alternative, personal perception.

In 2020, he participated in the group exhibition Currents#7 at Z33 in Hasselt, curated by Melanie Deboutte and Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte. Through the Lazy River Workspace Residency, he found his way to a studio in the buildings of NUCLEO.


After this, several exhibitions and collaborations followed. Among other things, he realised the short film "Memory of a Brick Clamp" together with Ciel Grommen and Maximiliaan Royakkers and conducts artistic research on different forms of seasonality and coexistence in the European countryside on a regular basis with the collective 'Seasonal Neighbours'. 


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