SKINNED will be a 40-minute cinematic dance work, in which two figures embody the inner process that one goes through in the search for oneself. By means of physical exploration they question the usual layers with which one conforms. Layer by layer, the figures deepen their evolving physical identity and molt into new forms.


SKINNED focuses on the layerdness of the physical identity, how the body can define the identity and how one can break loose from that. 


SKINNED is about the contemporary individual and their alienation of corporeal reality. By wandering through the exterior of the city the figures eventually enter themselves. They first explore their relationship with the city and society before developing the abstract forms of their inner identity.



Jonathan De Maeyer

dance and choreography 

Pieter Desmet 

Steffi Mennen

director of photography 

Jonathan De Maeyer


Jonathan De Maeyer

Pieter Desmet

Steffi Mennen


Adriaan De Roover


KANAL Centre Pompidou Brussels

personal thanks to

Armand Mennen

Janine Mennen

Pjotr Meyvisch

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