cinematic dance work



SKINNED is a 40-minute cinematic dance work, in which two performers embody the inner process that one goes through in the search for oneself. Through physical exploration, they question the usual layers with which one conforms today. Layer by layer, the figures deepen their evolving physical identity and molt into new forms, eventually entering an abstract state of self-awareness.

Following multiple intertwined paths, they explore the relationship between their soul and body in an attempt to discover their identity. The figures use their bodies and their movements as metaphors for this transformation.​

SKINNED is an interdisciplinary project where two dancers and a visual artist meet in a medium that is new to all: film. Both are part of the dramaturgy in order to enliven the dialogue between the two disciplines. SKINNED is an investigation into shared poetic qualities in both performance and photography.

In SKINNED, the visual image and the performative quality are two aspects that coexist equally. Together they create a visual language that attaches importance to emotion and aesthetics.

The film is a deep reflection on the different layers of an identity and invites the viewer to go in search of themselves.



a film by



     Pieter Desmet  .  Steffi Mennen

director of photography

     Jonathan De Maeyer


     Adriaan de Roover

with the support of

     Stad Antwerpen  .  Zuidpool


     KANAL Centre Pompidou Brussels  .  Ultima Vez  .  Zuidpool

location holders

     STRUIK  .  Zuidpool  .  Wassalon Potuit  . Zoniënwoud

stills from SKINNED