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a video installation by Persona, 2021


CATCH-22 is a video installation which describes a moment in which one wants to escape a specific, paradoxical situation but they cannot because of contradictions in their nature and their surrounding world that are out of their rational control. A friction between consciousness and the outer judgement and the subconsciousness.​

CATCH-22 questions the situation we found ourselves in during the Covid-19 pandemic. Like a paradox artistic work was being produced by the whole cultural sector, but there were no possibilities of presenting the work for an audience. In CATCH-22 Persona questions the status quo of maintaining this constant workflow but continuously clashing with different obstacles such as the various measurements. The installation is a continuous loop, we see people not being able to finish their action, as if they are stuck in motion. Stuck in time and space. 

CATCH-22 searches for our core identity. Often difficult to discover, or recognize, because of the countless layers of subconsciousness surrounding it. One finds themself stuck in a paradoxical unwilling acceptance.

CATCH-22 is an intimate one-on-one experience where the viewer comes face to face with the freedom to seek their own core. 


concept by Persona

dance Pieter Desmet + Steffi Mennen

director of photography, Jonathan De Maeyer

with support of  Stad Antwerpen + Platform In De Maak

residencies KANAL Centre Pompidou Brussels + Noordoever + Kunstgrillen

location holder, STRUIK


10 - 14 March 2021
the festival that never happened, Leuven, BE

6 - 8 May 2021 
BarVIZart, Wilrijk, BE


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