a performative dance work


They look at us

Wondering why we are

Wondering how you and I

Became us


Make Me Think Us is a duet between a man and a woman in which they externalize a discovery of the gender fluidity.


We grow up in a world with a binary gender norm that eventually is manifested in our personalities. How can we break loose from it? And is it still relevant?

Through the use of different characters, state work and costumes the performers play with different varieties of gender.

State work is an amalgamation of technique, concentration, fantasy and empathy which creates the embodiment of the different character that are portrayed during the performance.

Clothes are, in general, assigned to either the male or the female identity. We try to break this idea.

To create an ethically justified performance Steffi took inspiration from the Drag-scene as an art form. Drag is an expression of gender in which the combination of costumes, make-up and character creates a new personality for the artist to embody.


directed by

Steffi Mennen

performed by

Steffi Mennen

Jacopo Buccino / Pieter Desmet

created with

Steffi Mennen

Jacopo Buccino

Kosta Bogoievski

concept by

Pieter Desmet

Steffi Mennen

movement assistant

Machias Bosschaerts


Coco-Noemí Jiménez

photography & video

Jonathan de Maeyer

thanks to

Herman Van Drie

CC De Warandepoort

het Oude Badhuis 


Campo Victoria



© Persona 2020