physical research workshops

Katharsis is a continuous physical research in the form of various workshops led by Steffi Mennen where she explores the body with elderly. They investigate whether one can let go through movement and dance. The aim is for it to be a deeply personal process, for both the participants and Steffi herself.

With different groups of elderly Steffi gives movement workshops, in which though moving, documenting and reflecting they figure out how and when one is able to surrender oneself fully to the moment. The attempt is to make each participant experience at least one moment of complete surrender.


At a later stage she might continue the research with a concrete and fixed group of performers, heading towards a possible product.  

Daria Halprin, somatic-expressive arts therapist and dance teacher, said that our bodies are like containers. They store our life stories, but we are not aware in what way they contain our experience, trauma and memories. People of a certain age have had many experiences, trauma and memories, all kept in storage within their body. 

Katharsis is be part of the general research equally unique bodies. A research focused on the non-normative body and an embracement of all bodies as non-normative. The workshop doesn't want to search for spectacle, nor does it want the participants to create caricature of themselves. It aims for full embracement of oneself without trying to imitate others. The movement workshop will be a celebration of the time together and of what time does to a person and a body.


27.06.2022 . Lokaal Dienstencentrum De Thuishaven . Gent . Belgium

08.07.2022 . Lokaal Dienstencentrum Speltincx . Gent . Belgium

08.07.2022 . Lokaal Dienstencentrum De Vlaschaard . Gent . Belgium

15.07.2022 . Lokaal Dienstencentrum Speltincx . Gent . Belgium

29.07.2022 . Lokaal Dienstencentrum Speltincx . Gent . Belgium

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