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a process based performance by Steffi Mennen, 2023


KATHARSIS is a process based performance in which Steffi researches time and its influence on identity. Together with a group of elderly she investigates whether one can let go through movement and dance - and other art forms. The aim is for it to be a deeply personal proces, for both the performers a the viewers. 

Daria Halprin, a somatic-expressive arts therapist and dance teacher, said that our bodies are like containers. They store our life stories, but we are not aware in what way they contain our experience, trauma and memories. Steffi aims to develop that awareness and use it as fuel to create KATHARSIS.

Besides the performance Steffi will shape the process through different art forms. The participants will work with movement, but also touch upon other media like painting, photography and writing a.o. Dialogue is an important component of the proces as it will grow into a shared and fluid archive of memories and experiences that can grow into different form of storytelling. 

KATHARSIS aims for full embracement of oneself, a celebration of the time together and of what time does to a person and a body.


concept + directed by Steffi Mennen

created with and performed by Nadine Baeten + Monique Bellens + Ann Decaestecker + Ann Desmet + Greta Devos + Linze Maghe

light and set design, Lars Uten

advise by Tijen Lawton

dramaturgyPieter Desmet

documentation, Jonathan De Maeyer

production, Persona

in association with, NTGent publiekswerking

residency, Viernulvier + NTGent + Academie de Kunstbrug

thanks to, Maarten Heirman + Academie de Kunstbrug: Michael De Weert + Vier het Leven


27 June 2022 - workshop
LDC De Thuishaven, Gent, BE

08 July 2022 - workshop
LDC De Vlaschaard, Gent, BE

14 July 2022 - workshop
LDC De Boei, Gent, BE

15 July 2022 - workshop
LDC Speltincx, Gent, BE

29 July 2022 - workshop
LDC Speltincx, Gent, BE

26 August 2022 - workshop
LDC De Boei, Gent, BE

29 April 2023 - premiere
NTGent Minnemeers, Gent, BE

11 June 2023 - workshop
Danspunt, Gent, BE

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