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a site specific sol by Pieter Desmet, 2017


When the ego-mechanism fails,

Eros & Thanatos wake up.

Please, ego me.

For Ego Me, Pieter investigated how the ego mechanism fights against the sexual and aggressive urges of the Freudian id. The solo became a contest between the id and the ego battled in an industrial elevator. That elevator reflected Pieter's body while that body, in turn, interpreted his inner identity. 


What contains deforms what is contained. Does the identity change according to its body?


The id is part of and was the seed of the general research the body as the manifestation of identity. According to Freud's psychoanalytic theory, the id is the part of the mind that contains the sexual - Eros - and aggressive - Thanatos - urges and the ego is the part that mediates those desires. In addition, the ego mechanism develops to mediate between the unrealistic id and the external world of reality. It is the decision-making component of the personality. 


creation & performance, Pieter Desmet

mentoring, Caroline D'Haese + Natalie Gordon

Ego Me is part of the online archive of Platform In De Maak

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