Persona is an art collective, consisting of Pieter Desmet, Steffi Mennen and Jonathan De Maeyer, that was founded in January 2019. Steffi and Pieter met each other at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp where they both studied contemporary dance. After graduating they decided to put their artistic views together and created Persona. In 2020 Jonathan joined the platform after video- and photographing Make Me Think Us, the first work created within the context of Persona.

Persona is a fusion between performative and audiovisual art. The visual language navigates in between the realistic, the cinematic and the distorted. By putting these visions next to each other we create an alien landscape that aims to feels like a mirror for the audience.

Persona researches the various ways an identity can manifest; from the internal subconscious entity to the external mask one presents to the world. And the duality between all these different personae within one being.

Can we showcase the intimate process of an ever evolving identity?

Can we go beyond the mask one presents to the world?

The Team:

Pieter Desmet - performative artist

Steffi Mennen - performative artist

Jonathan De Maeyer - visual artist