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Pieter was asked by de! Kunsthumaniora in Antwerp to create a dance performance for the annual Moving Art show. 


Together with the dance students of the 5th year he created the dance piece Morpho Genesis


Biologically speaking, morphogenesis is the process that causes an organism to evolve its form to its basic potential according to the organism's defined natural "blueprint." From the Greek "morphê" and "genesis," the word literally means "the generation of form."


Morpho Genesis reflects this process with a group of young dancers who are in an ever changing form. Similar to plant morphogenesis, Morpho Genesis continues to produce new visual structures all throughout the performance. It also mirrors the changing nature of adolescents who come to know themselves more and more deeply, but also learn to place themselves as individuals within society. 


On stage, the dancers are in an almost constant state of motion, changing the general shape of their own physical bodies and their collective form. It allows space for the quality of the individual in order to increase the potential of the group.







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Pieter Desmet

Lee Arrendell . Morane Campioni . Sara Cuypers . Zoë Gillis . Emeline Huygen 

Lucie Mertens . Luca Schietgat . Mirte s'Jongers . Roos Vandeweyer . Arwen Verbesselt Zola Whiting

Yasemin Kandemir

de! Kunsthumaniora Antwerpen

Kathleen Michiels



23 March 2022

24 March 2022

25 March 2022


Moving Art  .  c o r s o  .  Antwerp  .  Belgium

Moving Art  .  c o r s o  .  Antwerp  .  Belgium

Moving Art  .  c o r s o  .  Antwerp  .  Belgium