Desolate Dreams


installation performance

She's as red as her urges.

He's as white as his mechanism fighting.

She's as blue as her thoughts wandering around.

They're as beautiful as the timeless dreams they share.

Desolate Dreams is an installation-performance researching the lonely identity. Does the individual still create an identity when they are alone?

The three performers each embody one of the three personality aspects Freud analysed: the id, the ego and the superego. They take you on a journey into a desolate dreamworld searching for who they truly are.

Desolate Dreams was made for and performed at the MoMeNT-festival in Tongeren, Belgium.








director: Pieter Desmet

performers: Machias Bosschaerts, Margot Masquelier &

Pauline Thuriot

rehearsal director: Steffi Mennen

residency: DeVeerman

coaching: Dimitri Duquennoy

with the support of: MoMeNT-festival Tongeren

photography: Tom Peeters