site specific performance

Symbiosis is an encounter between the art collective Persona and the dance theatre company Âmok/Âmok. Dancers Pieter Desmet and Lore Borremans weave from first encounter to symbiosis and present a harmonic convergence of two individuals with a shared essence into one being. 


Biologically symbiosis is a term describing any relationship or interaction between two dissimilar organisms. During Symbiosis the performers pass different stages: from mimicry to parasitism. Eventually they end up in a mutualistic symbiose, where both bodies benefit equally from each others presence. 

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Lore en Pieter got inspired by the nature provided at the performance location: Plantentuin Meise. How all those different living organisms function together and create one durable and mutually beneficial ecosystem. They wanted to translate this slow but steady proces within Symbiosis. Little by little they discover each other and melt into one entity.

Symbiosis was the start of the broader research Natural Structure: on Golden Spirals and Frozen Fractals that has since been developed further within Persona. 

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created and performed by

Lore Borremans

Pieter Desmet





Nathan Ishar