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make me think us


14 December 2019 - premiere
CC De Warandepoort, Tervuren, BE


13 March 2020 - canceled Covid-19
Het Oude Badhuis, Antwerpen, BE


5 May 2020 - canceled Covid-19
De Kotroute, Antwerpen, BE


7 May 2020 - canceled Covid-19
De Kotroute, Gent, BE


28 & 29 August 2020 - canceled Covid-19
Festival RUDI, Gent, BE


25 & 26 September 2020 - canceled Covid-19
BOM Festival, Gent, BE


a performance by Steffi Mennen, 2019


They look at us

Wondering why we are

Wondering how you and I

Became us

Make Me Think Us is a performance duet in which two performers internalize the most outward layer of one's identity: clothing. Putting on different clothing items on the same body creates differences is one's being. An outfit changers your state and your presence. One can disappear and an other can stand out, all depending on the clothing they wear. 

Clothes get at target audience when fabricated. They are often specifically made either for kids, for women, men, youngster, elderly... Within Make Me Think Us the performers create personae for clothing items that do not necessarily stroke with what society would imprint on those clothes. 

What is the meaning of clothing? A wardrobe is build on choices made by the we are. How are those clothes chosen? By color, shape, size, brand, target audience? The performers start playing with these choices. What happens when you wear something that was not made for you? 

People tend to judge others based on first impressions and treat them accordingly. Clothing is huge part of that first impression. 

By dressing in a certain manner one can actually shape their behavior and affect the way they perform.

Statework was a guiding tool throughout the creation proces of Make Me Think Us. Statework -inspired by the interpretations of performer and teacher Michel Yang - is a technique in which imagination, interpretation, theatricality and physicality become one. It looks into body posture and body language by specifying one's context, situation and substance. How does the persona that is created move? How does it interact with others? While using this technique in led improvisations the performer gets a more complete picture of who or what this persona is. In Make Me Think Us statework was used to build a foundation for the different personae present in the performance. 

The first part of the performance explores how clothes affect one's being and how it can - subtly - change your body language. In the second part te performance make an attempt to continue the evolution of their personae without the necessity of clothing. 

Make Me Think Us is an exploration of two individuals pushing the bondarken of clothing and an invitation to use your own outside layer to look into your deepest self. 


directed by Steffi Mennen

performed by, Jacopo Buccino + Steffi Mennen

created with, Kosta Bogoievski + Jacopo Buccino

concept, Steffi Mennen + Pieter Desmet

movement assistant, Machias Bosschaerts

dramaturgy, Coco-Noemí Jiménez

thanks to, Herman Van Drie

with the support of, CC De Warandepoort

residencies, _PLEK + Het Oude Badhuis + Campo Victoria

Make Me Think Us is part of the online archive of Platform In De Maak

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