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PERSONA generally researches the various ways an identity can manifest; from the internal subconscious entity to the external mask one presents to the world. And the duality between all these different personae within one being.

Can we showcase the intimate process of an ever evolving identity?

Can we go beyond the mask one presents to the world?

An overarching research that links all of our works is “the body as the manifestation of the identity”. PERSONA researches the various ways an identity can manifest, from the subconscious entity to the mask one presents to the world. Furthermore we aim to analyse conflicts between all the different inner personae within one being. This is not only recognisable for everyone, but should also remain approachable and open for conversation. The search for identity is a theme that functions as a limitless pool of ideas and propositions.

We want to expose the eternal inner friction and the (oftentimes desperate) search for identity. We frequently find ourselves researching the meeting point of that search and the reality the identity inhabits, may that be a realistic, utopic or dystopic reality. The landscape, or aesthetic reality, we compose might be experienced as illusional or fictitious, but that shouldn’t mean it is less real. It is our version of reality, one of many. We don’t want to get trapped in a pre-established frame of what reality should be.




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